How We Do It

Experience, passion and innovation. Where necessary, we employ innovative digital skills, simulations and digital tools. Digital work-flows personally developed by the team and honed on real world projects enable us to provide an accurate, streamlined and coordinated engineering solution. We have a record of delivering scope on many iconic projects, we wish to bring that to local partners here in the US.


Digital Workflow & BIM



Design Professional


Peer Review

Innovation & Product Development

Who Should Consider Us

Owners, operators, architects, contractors and fabricators in the area of specialty structures and building envelopes requiring an agile, experienced and technically adapt design partner for the areas of service described in our capability statement.

Our Value

We bring value to the process of design, simulation and construction through our extensive experience, our passion and drive to innovate and solve. We look to leverage technology delivery through digital and BIM based work flows and simulations. We see technology as a means to enhance the process of design.

Engineer of Record

Sales & Bid

Design Assist

Erection & Staging Analysis

Capability Statement

Find out more by downloading our capability statement describing our services in more detail.