Who We Are

BIMCEPTION Inc-is an agile innovative engineering practice, we are creative innovative engineers and designers providing professional engineering design and services for architects/contractors/owners. We are based in Los Angeles. We utilize best practice design and engineering methods honed from over 20 years of experience of delivering projects on time and budget, and at all stages of the design.

We wish to bring our approach to the forefront of the construction layman irrespective of the scale of the project, providing collaborative solutions that address architectural, engineering, fabrication, construction, and owner/operator demands. We have delivered projects for clients in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. A portfolio of work may be downloaded below in a high-res format and a low-res format.

We help deliver projects for clients requiring engineering scope for structure and skin that can be; simple or complex, small or large, subtle or iconic.

Utilize experience gained over 20 years coupled as necessary with innovative digital computational techniques, developed in house

We provide engineering, design and modeling services for architects, fabricators, and contractors. Including stamp and seal, deferred submittal assistance of delegated design projects, peer review, construction documents, engineer of record.

We additionally can provide digital work—flow solutions and custom application solutions for clients


Trevor “Steve” Lewis, PHD PE FRSA

Steve is a principal and owner of Bimception Inc. Steve is a licensed professional engineer. For more information please refer to the links to a bio and resume below.

Download full work portfolio here:

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