Beam Optimization using Macaw


Beam Optimization using Macaw from BIMception on Vimeo.


Beam optimization using Macaw Grasshopper and Mathcad Plug-In developed by Bimception.

The span of the beam is defined by the user in Rhino. Objective functions of loading, allowable stress, deflection limit, flange width thickness and web depth thickness are defined.

The objective function to optimize is weight/cost.

The macaw plugin provides interoperable link between grasshopper and Mathcad prime.

Mathcad’s optimization solver will provide the minimized weight in a real time feedback loop as the user changes the beam span and/or values of the objective functions to constrain and optimize.

NOTE: in reality the capacity of the beam will be limited by local buckling and/or LTB. These constraints are to be added in future example.

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